A lot has been said on why a woman cheats and lie, yet this problem isn’t something that would vanish anytime soon. A woman has feelings, principles, and standards she upholds and lives by. While her core principles might not allow cheating, her feelings are subjective and could make her susceptible to making a bad judgment which might lead to her cheating, if the cause is not fixed.

The truth is not every woman on earth is a cheat or plan on ever becoming one but the tendency to become one is out there.  Can a sex doll cheat? Can you leave your sex doll at home and be confident that it won’t cheat on you. Well, while you can leave your woman at home with your heart in your mouth, you really don’t have that kind of problem with a sex doll, do you?  A sex doll doesn’t have a brain and can’t feel anything which means it can never cheat on you, get angry at you, be sentimental or be jealous.

If you are the type that has trust issues and you find it hard to trust your partner, you can’t let her be without monitoring her movement, spying on her calls, her emails or actions, if you can’t have a moment of rest whenever you are not together; then getting a sex doll is the silver lining in your cloud – it is your best bet. You don’t have to be restless anymore or waste productive time playing conspiracy games in your head. The brain is a very powerful organ and when you leave it alone unprotected with an imaginative skeptic mind, things are bound to go bonkers.

A sex doll does not cheat on you because you traveled to a far-distant land for a project that took you days or months that exceeds the time you promised to be back home and she couldn’t just take it anymore. A sex doll does not cheat on you because she’s all emotional when a man acts chivalrously towards her.  A sex doll does not feel used and plan on exacting revenge because you spent more time with a certain woman who you might not even have a sexual relationship with.

She does not cheat on you because she can’t, she hasn’t created that way except you share her with someone else, she’s yours and only yours for the keeping.