Check out the Best Foods to Boost Testosterone

Like it or not, your testosterone is your existence base. It helps in muscle building, plays a vital role in sex drive, and enhances your bone strength, your memory, and heart as well as penis size. So, it is important to give your T-level a little significance. Research continues to state that certain eatables have natural test boosters which can give your testosterones a boost. Some of the foods to boost testosterone are listed below:

  • Grapes for active sperm

Eating a bunch of red grapes gives your organs a good boost. The skin has resveratrol which calls for hardier sperm. In every 5 to 10g of grape skins, you see 500mg of energy to raise your testosterone levels as well as improvised epididymal motility.

  • Tuna for higher sex drive

Though tuna isn’t recommended for your first date, but the rich vitamin D content in it is! It strengthens testosterone by 90{7d5d2dcdfbefd221a84f2020c139ae677bcefef5d086fe103ef2a5ee32f4444b}, lowering down the libido-killing chemical SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin).

  • Pomegranate helps your combat impotence

As per the International Journal of Impotence Research, around 47{7d5d2dcdfbefd221a84f2020c139ae677bcefef5d086fe103ef2a5ee32f4444b} of impotent people have reported a better condition after drinking a full glass of antioxidant filled pomegranate juice.

  • Garlic for the maintenance of the muscles

Exiled vampires and poor muscles are same! Garlic has allicin, a compound which brings down the stress hormone cortisol level. Testosterone and cortisol compete with each for the same place within muscle cells. Thus, you need to dump the cortisol so that the testosterone could get to work.

  • Honey for improvised blood flow

Looking for that extra buzz in your bed, well take a dive into honey. It comprises of mineral boron which calls for high testosterone. Honey also has nitric oxide which opens up blood vessels and causes an erection. 4tsp. of honey could advance your nitric oxide level up to 50{7d5d2dcdfbefd221a84f2020c139ae677bcefef5d086fe103ef2a5ee32f4444b}.

  • Milk for a good physique

It has been proved that fat chaps have higher estrogen. Chop down the blubber to enhance your testosterone levels with milk. The amino acid of the milk enhances anabolic hormones production which helps in building your muscles and trims down the fat.

  • Eggs for a better hormone level

Eggs have a sunny side. The cholesterol of the yolk is antecedent of the testosterone. However, you don’t have to worry about your heart as the University of Connecticut study suggests that you can eat 3 eggs a day without impacting the cholesterol level.

  • Shellfish

Sometimes eating crab or lobster may add to your testosterone level. It has a lot of zinc in it. With just 3 ounces of serving, you enjoy 43{7d5d2dcdfbefd221a84f2020c139ae677bcefef5d086fe103ef2a5ee32f4444b} of daily value of zinc.

  • Beans

Black beans are rich in Vitamin D and zinc. They render a great source of nutrients in your daily diet. Both zinc and Vitamin D play a big role in boosting testosterone levels in your body.

Cabbage, beef, strawberries, coconut, wheat bran, ricotta cheese and more are some of the best foods to boost testosterone in your body. Add spice to your sex life by consuming these food items.