Foreplay techniques which you can use to arouse your woman

Although there are men who consider foreplay as an annoying and frustrating obligation rather than something that you can enjoy, yet if you ask any woman, she will tell you that foreplay is one of the integral parts of the act. If you neglect foreplay and rush to having a sexual intercourse, this will definitely lead to an irritation as you may not be aroused. In case you wish to give her a mind-blowing orgasm, you should master the techniques to get hot so that you can arouse her to an extent where she is ready to have sex.

Do you have trouble to get things started? Are you looking for ways in which you can prep up the game? If answered yes, here are few indispensable tricks to give her the best foreplay ever.

  • Start off with a massage

If you wish to give her a warm up session so that she gets ready for the main event, you can begin by massaging her legs, ankles and upper thighs. Then you should focus on her feet, her heels and also her toe fingers. Stretch your toes individually and you can get bonus points when you suck her toe fingers. It is extremely sensational.

  • Try to know what it is that instantly turns her on

If you’re in doubt or if you didn’t get enough time to know her, you should shove all doubt and ask her about what turns her on. Majority of the women usually love it when their partner tries to know about their sexual preferences. When she notices that you are working extremely hard to please her in bed, she might use it to turn her on.

  • Don’t focus on quantity but on quality

Enhance the quality of foreplay and she will not bug you regarding the quantity. Being the male partner, you should always focus on quality rather than quantity. In case you act as if you’re following the motion to move on to reaching sex, she will notice that this will take longer to feel excited. Make sure you do what you wish to do, enjoy it while you’re doing it and stroke them in appreciation. Kiss her butt if you like it.

  • Stretch the ways of having sex

There are various forms of sex and if you think your partner does not prefer one way, you can choose another. Just keep experimenting. If you’re a beginner, try to lie down perpendicularly to her body and stroke the clitoris with your tongue in an up and down motion rather than just in a horizontal motion. The change in the process of stimulation is always something to appreciate and she might even return the favor in the form of a mid-blowing blowjob session.

Therefore, now that you know the techniques of making her feel hot, try following them. Foreplay always has the best impact on stimulating a person to feel ready for sex. Hence, don’t ever ditch this idea of giving her a steaming foreplay session.