How Do Men And Women Differ In How They View Sex?

In this world, men and women coexist and makeup humanity. Since the beginning, we have noticed gender differentiations, but this fact does not mean that men are more special that women and vice-versa. All of we know every person is unique and perspectives can vary.  When we talk about sex topics there are clearly differences between woman and men. So, how do men and women differ in how they view sex?

Women and men have different perspectives of the world. Our missions in life vary too. Media and many historical moments have emphasized our gender differences. Sexually, we have obvious distinctions and this is not an issue of women versus men. Here are some ways how do men and women differ in how they view sex.

  • “For sex to be truly satisfying for both partners, each has to be totally open to the other”: This is an expression you might have listened before and it is a fact. The couple needs to be open and show what they feel inside. A sexual act is based on confidence. Men and women, in general, agree with this point of view.
  • Priority to the sexual act: it is not a secret that sex is a need for humans. Some researchers argue that men tend to think that sex is a priority as eat or drink while for women, the sexual act is not as necessary as their basic personal needs. Women can abstain from sex for longer periods than men, but this is not a rule.

  • Emotional needs before the sexual act: women tend to be more emotional than men. Before starting the sexual act women should be full of confidence and love to response properly. Men do not necessarily depend on emotions for having sex with their partners. However, if love and desire are mutual and strong, the sexual act can be unforgettably intense. With some spicing things up.
  • Sexual response: Men respond to sex faster than women. In order to get an erection, they do not need long periods of time. Sexual response in both cases, in men and women, can happen by watching, smelling, and touching. Women need more time to get sexually aroused but it does not mean they are not interested in the sexual act. Some previous sexual games can take a woman to a good sexual response. This is necessary to intensify the sexual act and make it better. So, remember that taking your time is necessary.
  • Orgasm and pleasure: in the sexual act, men and women can feel pleasure equally. Orgasms in men are very intense and shorter than women´s orgasms. Women need more stimulation than men for having an orgasm and sometimes it might be struggling for a man to take his couple to the climax.
  • Meaning of sex into the relationship: women are usually more emotional than men. Women´s point of view of sex is romantic and intense.