How To Hire The Right Wedding Magician Online

If you have shown interest in this article, then felicitations and hearty congrats to you on your marriage or that of a close person you know. It is a brilliant idea to entertain your guests on your special day, and it is even more important that you pick the right Magician in Toronto for this job. If you are looking to call on the services of a magician for this, and you would be searching online for one, it is important that you pick the right one, as a bad entertainer could mean a drab wedding. Here are some things to look out for when searching the internet for a magician in Toronto area.


  1. Is being a magician your professional full time job? Chances are that even college students would pose to be magicians online. So, be sure that you hire a professional who has been in this line of entertainment for a long time and who knows how to thrill guests. While most people claim to be a magician, their jokes are usually dry and boring. So look for a Toronto Magician with many years of experience
  2. Do you regularly perform at Weddings? This is one of the most important questions to ask. This will help you hire a magician who is conversant with appropriate wedding tricks and acts to play. Your guest will be thrilled and entertained all through.
  3. Do you have any recommendation/references? Yes, chances are that a good magician must have caused one hell of an excitement at a venue not too long ago, and would be on the lips of many who attended the event. Get recommendations from those who have previously used their services.
  4. What type of magic tricks do you perform at weddings? You do not want to know the trick before it happens, but it is important that you have an idea and see if you deem such acts as being worthy to be performed at your own wedding. With this you can know if your guests would take interest in them.
  5. What is your stage costume like? This question may not be given much consideration, but you don’t want your magician at your wedding looking shabbily dressed. You can always inquire about the on stage costumes and even demand to see pictures or videos of previous displays.
  6. Do you have Pictures/Videos from a recent event? Almost all good magicians document every event they’ve graced. This is ideal for review or commercial purposes. It is important that you demand to see one of their most recent performances, as this will help you have a good assessment of the entertainer and to see if he has what it takes to thrill your guests.
  7. Will you provide your own sound system? Some magicians provide their own equipment themselves and may do it for free or charge a small price for them. Find out how your intending magician works, and plan accordingly.
  8. Are your performances eligible for minors? Some magicians perform solely to adults, and a good number of children attend weddings Be sure to hire one that also provides a more generic entertaining service.