Love and its forms

How many times you can love in a life time? Some will say just once, some will say every time you have a new relationship and some will say that love doesn’t even exists and is all about trust, habit and loyalty.

Well, I think that it’s a little bit of all those up there. In my opinion, you can have just on love your entire life. Just one crazy love, that one that consumes you, that makes you forget all about you and make the other your priority, that one that makes you feel like you are the only person in the world that is loved so much. That love that hurts you so bad that you can’t breathe and in the same time you don’t want to leg go never ever in your life. And, yes, this kind of love really exists. No one says that if you find someone that you love this way, you will never love again. Yes, you will, but I don’t think that you will with the same intensity.

You can have many relationships, and in each one of them you will love the other one. But you will see that is not the same. It doesn’t matter where you find your soul mate. Even that you find it through dating sites, through your friends or on your way to the market, your love is out there, among all people. Like any person is different, so the love you have for him it will be. Each person becomes pleasant and beloved in his own way through the things he does, his actions or his gestures for you or for the people around him.


And for those that don’t believe that love exists, I have only one word: FALSE! Love exists everywhere around the world in many different forms. There is love for our parents, for all our relatives, love for animals, love for flowers, love for our friends, love for our children and love for our halves. When women seeking men and vice versa they don’t necessary do it with the specific thought to get married or form a family with each one they are dating. People just fall in love. It’s their nature. They like each other, they feel attracted one of the other and they just fall in love. And from here to relationships, real love, marriage and family are just some steps made in years. With who and how is each person’s decision to make, because each of us decide what is best for us and our future.