Moves and tricks that men love in bed

Moves and tricks that men love in bed

When it comes to sex, men are a lot more open-minded than women to try all sort of things as well as positions in bed. However, gentlemen have a few preferences in terms of sex positions, and this is exactly what we will discuss about in this article. Lots of them preffer quality over quantity. Therefore, let’s have a look at what sex moves men actually preffer.

They love when you take it slow

Men absolutely love when their partners take it slow, and they start with a deep oral sex. In plus, heavy amounts of kissing are always appreciated, as well as both partners sucking on random parts of the body. In general, the licking progresses into sucking, and it is absolutely great for both men and women in order to reach more intense orgasms. For the best sex ever, hire an escort. If you want to know how to find celebrities working as escorts, then you need to do some online research and find a high-class escort agency.

They like when you both lay on your sides

Men like this position because it is really intimate, and at the same time because both partners can be  quite aggressive. In this position, you can basically look at your partner while you are having sex, and it also lets you have controlo over the speed and intensity. Furthermore, lots of women reach the orgasm a lot faster in this position, because their clitoris is targeted in the right way.

They get really horny when the woman’s ankles are over their shoulders

This is another erotic sex position that all men absolutely love, not only because it allwos a deeper penetration but because the feelings and the sensations are at a higher level. The woman’s butt should be hanging a little bit off the bed, so that the orgasm can be more intense. Where can i find independent escorts for trying the most intense sex positions? Well, the internet is definitely ane xcellent way to get what you want.

They like having sex on the couch

Having sex on the couch can be an extremely intense experience, that you must definitely try with your partner. You should never say no to this position, which gentlemen absolutely love because they can easily touch their partner’s breasts, ass, and clitoris. This is also something that will add some spice to your relationship, and that will make your man feel more desirable.

They absolutely love the doggy style

You will never meet a man who doesn’t like the doggy style sex position. Not only the position itself makes the man really horny, but seeing his partner’s ass as well. More than this, those who love anal sex can easily penetrate the woman in this position.

They get horny when you do the cowgirl position

Due to the fact that your man can see your entire body as well as your face, this position is highly preffered by lots of gentlemen. In the cowgirl position, your man can touch every part of your body, and that is definitely extremely hot.