Points to consider when giving tender massage sessions to your clients

Points to consider when giving tender massage sessions to your clients

There are several escort girls who always prefer offering customers with gentle tender massage sessions. So if you are the one who enjoys giving erotic massage then you should be aware of the right method.

It is obvious that if you use best method, then your client will enjoy your services for longer time. It is important to follow the base routine when offering massage sessions.

Focus on your client

Giving a massage is an art, and so you can request your client to lie down straight. Get started by massaging his fire head part. Always ensure that you only make use of gentle hand and finger movements.

Move downwards

The moment you notice that the client is enjoying the massage, it is now your turn to move down to the hip region. Next, you should try and move gently to trace his genitals. Always keep in mind that for men genital area is more sensitive to touch.

You can get started by circling your fingers around his genitals. Gently touch the region that is in between his legs to trigger a chain reaction.

Fell his tenders

Most Regina escorts are already trained to offer a tender touch to the clients. The moment you approach his genitals it is important that you take at least few minutes to reach till there. The moment you are touching his penis always try and make use of lubrication.

Men often prefer lubricated touch in that region and so ensure that your fingers are well lubricated. Next you should try and slide your fingers down his penis to feel that extra length.

Use gentle strokes

To trigger chain reaction, always ensure that each stroke you make use of is gentle and firm. You have to focus on all possible sensitive points in his body. You can get started by touching the legs, bends, ankles, back, and genitals.

Tickling your client gently will always excite him more, and he will be more responsive.  You can also try and slither your lubricated finger in between the toe. The part can be repeated for both feet. The moment you are offering your client with a gentle massage session it is advisable to avoid spilling oil or lubricant directly on his body. Some clients are sensitive to oil, and so they may not like it.

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