Proven dating hacks for Asian guys

dating hacks for Asian guys

Dating is a difficult code to crack and it becomes more difficult when the cultures are different as well. While there are ways to find common grounds and interests to talk about but those are rare due to Western/Eastern cultural differences.

So do you want to learn how to date Western girls effectively?

If the answer is affirmative then read this blog written by a Western girl to get some tips:

Strike up a conversation

Western girls are more outgoing and so it is advised to approach them with confidence to start a conversation. If you know her then talking with her about similar interests, what she likes in the country or if she is missing anything back home can prove to a common ground to start on. The point of this is also to get to know her a bit better on a one-on-one scale rather than in a group setting. This will also dispel the myth that Asian guys are too shy to speak up or approach women.

Be honest

If there is mutual interest then being honest with what you feel is a good step to take. Honesty is greatly appreciated in any relationship and should be made a staple of. Be honest about what you do, where you come from and such from the get-go so that the foundation is built on truthfulness. Also, you deserve the same as well- so make sure that she is being honest from her side too.

Open communication

Talking about things to sort out issues is a major thing which can save the chances of having a relationship with a Western woman. Face a problem head on instead of avoiding it by not discussing it with your partner and rest assured in the beginning, even before the relationship begins, there will be a clash of ideas and suggestions on how to go about doing things. All this can be solved by simply talking about it to make sure that both of you understand each other and are on the same page.

Be confident

It is mentioned in the last line of the first point, but to elaborate- having confidence is a major attraction point for Western women, especially because Asian guys are considered shy. Whether you are shy or not, do try to present yourself with more confidence while interacting with her. It will do loads of good for your self-esteem too.

Have a personality

Don’t try to blend in while talking to her then you will be just one face in a crowd. While having confidence is a good way to start but having a pleasant and open personality as well is a factor which will separate you from the crowd.

Hopefully, these tips helped you out in dating a Western woman!