The Basic Features Of Snapsext And Other Dating Applications

Using a dating application is not just about finding a person to spend time with because you also need to understand the features, its functions and the platform because this will affect one’s user experience. Everything in the app has a purpose, so you must get along with the platform, and even if these differ in themes or colors, the applications are the same. It is good to study this on your own, but you will also learn by reading Snapsext reviews because the users usually share here their thoughts and experiences about the apps.

Basically, you are allowed to exchange messages like images or voice mails and make video calls just like messaging apps that everyone is fond of using today. Casual dating sites are capable of doing the same things, but some are specifically intended only for adults, which means that you have to be 18 before starting to use it. If you are a minor, then do not ever think about installing and using adult sites because you just don’t know how much trouble this may lead to, since minors mingling with adults, is absolutely not a good idea in this case.

Anyway, dating applications are popular, so there are online users from different places and you will find them actively having private conversations. Pretty sure that users are even exchanging hot images or videos, which is just a part of normal adult interaction. Though, you really need to be careful because not all adult dating sites are safe and secured.


Anything posted in your profile must be secured, especially when the nature is quite sensitive. Therefore, this must be viewed only by your friends or trustworthy members. This means that you have to select the discreet option, so that others cannot view your profile.

Anyway, you can add friends to your contact list, if you would like to allow your profile or private information to be visible to these people. Doing this means that you are acknowledging them to your verified network of friends. To learn more about your profile, continue reading at


With this feature, you will be given flames on your profile. This refers to the hotness factor, which implies that the more flames you have means you are more popular.

You can gain flames by consistently uploading photos and the number of messages sent and received. When you don’t use your account, there is a chance for this flame to reduce. Therefore, it also has something to do with your presence and contribution to the dating application.


Whether you have a premium account or not, of course, you need to have an inbox for your incoming and outgoing messages. You may even reply to the latest messages and reply with their messaging system. It is also possible to send texts by going to a person’s profile.

It would be fun to also customize the message by modifying the font style, size, color and using HTML codes. By the way, without a premium account, you are only given limited messages. I guess, you would like to go premium to maximize the experience.

Video Chat

Aside from exchanging text or image messages, you will surely find it important to make a video chat because it strengthens the bond between members. Most users enjoy video chatting, since it shortens the distance and spices up whatever relationship is going on. This is also to avoid posers and catfishing, so you know who you’re chatting is really him or her.

Through video chat, the users will have the chance to express their feelings without any inhibitions. This could be done in a public or private room, so you can always decide where to join.

‘Hot or Not’

This is a feature that allows users to check for a list of profiles with their pictures. Here, you have the chance to label another user or give him a ‘hot’ or ‘not’ title, basing on your own criteria. Let’s say that this is just one way of ranking someone, according to attractiveness and appeal.

Actually, in other dating sites, you do the same thing. And the good thing is, you will have the chance to chat with that ‘hot’ person, who also have you the same label. It is also a good start in finding a match.