Three Popular Groom’s Questions about Wedding Hairstyle


Find out how to make your wedding hairstyle look perfect.

The wedding is a special event for both bride and groom; therefore, it is important to start planning all the details beforehand. We all know the type-A bride who makes checklists (not only considering beauty questions) as soon as a ring gets on her ring finger. What about the groom who wants to prep for the big day, too? If it is about you, we are ready to share with you few secrets of easy groom wedding styling. Best New York barbers are willing to spill the bean for you.

#1 When should I get a haircut?

You might have heard that brides are usually supposed to get the last cut a few weeks before the big day. If to speak about a groom, it is advisable to pay a visit to the barbershop a week before the wedding. First, it will give you time to adjust to your renewed style. Second, you will still have a chance to go back to your barber and change something. Third, before the day X, you will only need to get your neck trimmed (optional). Consider going to hairdresser earlier if you plan to rock a buzz cut.


#2 Should I consider using some particular products?

One of the popular questions is if groom should use or avoid some products? New York barbers advise using a fortifying shampoo the night before to make hair clean and at the same time to provide hair with the lived-in volume the next morning. If to speak about styling, it is better to opt for your tried-and-true basics. If you try something new and crazy, there is a chance that you can’t perform it in a right way or your hair doesn’t react in the needed way. We are sure you don’t want to look back at your wedding pictures and think, “What the hell is on my head?!” Regarding styling products, the best variant is to opt for matte pastes as they usually help to create handsome, timeless styles which look so good on camera.

#3 How to look coiffed but still cool if I have long hair?

Long hair a la Jared Leto is quite a popular trend nowadays; moreover, you can sport your long hair forever and always stay modern. One of the best variants of hairdo for men with long hair is the man-bun. You can choose the style you need: to make it sleek, pulled tight and low (just like Jared do) or rock it a little messier, looser and high. It’s up to you to decide, but in fact, no matter what you choose, you will definitely look coiffed and cool.

We hope these tips were helpful, and you will rock your wedding day with perfect hairstyle!