Time to Have Your Own Time With The Web Sexcams

So let us stop our jealousy and our anxieties so contemporary, the future is no longer scary, it is even radiant, at least, sexually. Ah this promising future of a thousand enjoyments and orgasms hitherto unknown. You think we are illuminated? Read this text and you will also sing the same praises.

Equality of the sexes

The virtual world of CameraBoys has become increasingly sophisticated. The large pixels that drew the human body gave way to a perfect image that plunges users into a perfect virtual world where you can change the appearance of the characters and this, to the point where the return to the reality is not always simple. But it is the combination of the choice of the characters and the interaction which mobilizes, at this moment, the industry of the pornography in the United States Since people communicate better their desires to a virtual character than to a partner, they have before them what looks like a very profitable “guaranteed satisfaction” business.

In the X, touch is not enough, you must also be excited.

Starting next year, consumers will be able to put on a pair of glasses like the amazing Samsung Oculus Rift and enter virtual worlds at 360 °, where they will be able to move around without the need for a keyboard or mouse. The movements of their body, including their hands, will be integrated so that a player can naturally interact with the entire environment. Approaching a character and touch, is not enough in the universe of X, it must also be excited. It will therefore be possible to see very closely and very realistically the genitals. A clitoris swollen with desire and wet lips with lubrication will be perfectly visible, the veins protruding from an erect penis, too.

The programmed end of sex toys

At this visual hallucination, the sensation of making love is still missing. Never mind: the doll market, no longer inflatable, but real size silicone, continues to develop inexorably, despite a prohibitive cost: 6,000 dollars on average! At a horizon barely farther, robots will satisfy anyone sexually. The combination “robot + latex” will certainly sign the end of sexual misery and will make the sex toy market obsolete.

We can be offended, but it is the natural extension of relations that, in recent years, develop on the Internet and social networks. The considerable advantage is, therefore, to be able to bring closer people geographically distant, and reassure those who – by shyness or lack of confidence in them – prefer to be protected from potential partners by a screen. Because, quite paradoxically, the more we live in a world of multiple and global telecommunications, the more people self-censor and fabricate characters that they would like to be.

Make love at a distance with a porn actor

These virtual tools, it remains to imagine all kinds of possible applications, beyond the mere fact of being able to make love at a distance with a porn actor. There will be the opportunity to bring into his life, in his couple, people who will also be there to give advice, feed fantasies, try practices considered risky (which, virtual, become harmless). This will allow couples whose sexual appetite does not keep pace with resolving crises before they are born, and put the imagination back into power.

People without partners will be free of frustration and sexually transmitted diseases may be significantly reduced. The CameraBoys are the best options now. It is hoped that this industry, largely in the hands of men, think about offering women something to feed their dreams and fill them with virtual partners who will relentlessly make them enjoy the head to toe.