Top-10 ways How You can Use Dry Shampoo

Learn how to use dry shampoo differently.

Dry shampoo is a miracle for our hair; it helps to refresh our locks and to stretch the time between blowouts. Nevertheless, stylists at hair salon Midtown East NYC know other unusual ways to use dry shampoo. Learn now!

#1 Apply at roots

Now on the market, you can find dry shampoo in any color. Why not use it between touch-ups? Purchase a dry shampoo in a needed color and apply it along the hairline to hide the first sign of natural color.

#2 Brows boosting

Have unruly eyebrows? Tame them with the help of dry shampoo: apply a small amount on your index finger and pat your brows to add a bit of thickness and to coax them. Notice: if your skin is sensitive, test a small amount of product on your jawline first.

#3 Add tint

Purchase a dry shampoo in the shade close to your color and get subtle highlights or lowlights. If you want to achieve the more natural effect, apply product from the mid-shaft down.

#4 Add texture

If you are a fan of braids or updos, you know that freshly washed hair is sometimes hard to tame. Apply a small amount of dry shampoo to add texture and provide hold.

#5 More volume

If you have limp looking strands, don’t despair. Stylists at hair salon Midtown East NYC propose you a resolution of this problem: add dry shampoo (no matter what kind spray or powder) to your roots, flip hair and give it a blast with cool air using the blow dryer.

#6 Detailed styling

If you are going for face-framing waves or curls, spray or sprinkle a small amount of this fantastic product along the hairline to add body and hold.

#7 Pin it

Bobby pins and barrettes tend to slide out of place? Use dry shampoo in the form of a spray to add them more secure hold. All you need is to spray them a little before using.

#8 Goodbye, grease

Your bangs get greasy too fast and stick to your skin? Keep them out of your face with the help of spraying dry shampoo on their undersides.

#9 Short hairstyle

For the owners of short hair: get a tousled, sassy look in seconds with the help of dry shampoo. Spread it all over the hair and muss it with hands.

#10 Help smelly sneakers

There is some sort of starch in the content of the dry shampoo which helps to soak up oil. For this reason, you can easily use it the same way as you use cornstarch. For instance, get rid of the smell in sneakers by spraying them with dry shampoo. Let it stay for a few hours or even overnight and brush off any residue.

We hope you find these tips on unusual using of the dry shampoo useful!