Use Pheromone Perfume To Attract Others

It is a chemical substance produced and released by an animal, either be a mammal or insect, affecting the behavior of its species. There are several pheromones such as alarm, Food trail, Sexual pheromones. The use of pheromones has been well researched and documented by the scientists. But there are not much research has been done by the scientists in to same I Humans. But some of the scientists claim that human by nature does not release Pheromones and humans normally go by their visuals rather than smells mostly. But there are no concrete studies have been made in this regards.

Usage of Pheromones

Perfumes are generally used to have a pleasant scent. It is normally a mixture of fragrant essential oils, aroma compounds and solvents. Research has revealed perfumes are used in one form or another right from earliest human civilization. Perfume oils are diluted using alcohol and rectified spirit. But it can be diluted by neutral smelling oils such as coconut oil among others. Normally chemical formula of the commercial perfume is not revealed in public.Pheromones have been used in perfumes to attract the opposite sex either male or female. General usage pattern of pheromone perfume has revealed that those who use the perfume found to get more attraction than those who don’t use the perfumes. These are all available in the online markets easily.

Some studies which have been conducted some time ago revealed that the 36 women who were asked to use the Pheromone perfume got more dating proposal during the time in which the research has been conducted. Pheromones are not scent we don’t smell them but can detect them. Normally these perfumes works as you began to use them regularly rather than one or two days. So you had to wait before you can begin to see the results.

During early 2012, there was pheromone parties held in numerous cities across US where people smell each other and began to date rather than doing regular chatting things. But there are scientists who claim that there are no pheromones in human. Sofar the research results have yielded mixed results. Most of the men and women who used the Pheromone Perfume have confirmed that attractions from others have increased a lot compared to the time when they did not use the perfume.  Also those who did not use perfume did not get any attention at all.