Wedding Saree Fashion 2016

The saree is regarded as the earth’s most widely used and longest long lasting fashion item for ladies. The term initially originated from Sanskrit and means strip of fabric. The material is draped round the body in a variety of various ways which is commonly a blouse along with skirt for that bottom 1 / 2 of the outfit.

Due to the recognition of the item of clothing, wedding sarees really are a common option for an Indian bride. Hand crafted sarees, produced from natural fibres are usually the most well-liked option for wedding ceremonies. These sarees are often produced from cotton or silk that is coloured with natural dyes.

Brides put on wedding sarees of different colours, however, these colour choices originate from deeply rooted symbolic values. It’s a general thought that all brides put on red sarees, this really is not the situation also it typically is commonly individuals brides from north India, Bengal and Brahmins of south India. The color red is suitable since it signifies marital bliss, in addition to fertility.

Another colour that’s very prominent at<ahref=”” Indian wedding ceremoniesand indeed is picked for wedding sarees is the colour yellow. This colour is considered sacred because it represents wheat and mustard and a good harvest as well as religion and healing. In eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the maternal grandmother gives a piri, a yellow saree to the bride for lagan. The groom on the other hand wears a golden yellow jama-chola or dhoti. In the Kangra region, it is the maternal aunt that used to stitch a full-length, yellow ling-chola, which is now worn as an under-kameez.

The Maharashtrian brides wear green wedding sarees, often with red borders that are wrapped around the legs. So as you can see there are quite a few traditions that have appeared around India for the wedding ritual however all of these are deeply rooted in a religious and culturally rich past.

While traditions may require that a bride be dressed a certain way and in certain colours, each Indian woman has her own way of picking up sarees for herself. For instance, some may go by colours, others may drape only those fabrics that suit their body type whereas a few others may pick sarees depending upon the embroidery or designs.

If you’re tall: Tall women look gorgeous in sarees but issues with the length of the saree when draping one are also likely. That’s why Kanjivarm sarees are always a safe bet for weddings, as they are easy to drape and look truly elegant. If you feel conscious about your height getting more attention than your saree, avoid going for plain shades and choose large prints or a Kanjivarm with a heavy border. Raw or pure silk sarees are also quite popular with tall women and sit quite nicely when the pallu is draped over one arm. If something trendier is more to your liking, then opt for a saree with delicate hints of lacework and embroidery as such embellishments can really transform your overall look.

If you’re short: Short women have so many options to choose from that selecting just one wedding saree is guaranteed to be a real challenge! Yes, Kanjivarms would look great on you too but if make sure you go for one with a pastel shade or a narrow border, so that the saree does not take away all the attention from you. Get experimental with lovely georgette, chiffon and silk sarees that can be paired with sexy bare-back blouses and other embroidery work for a truly trendy look.

If you’re plump: There’s this notion that women who are on the healthier side can’t carry off a saree well, but remember, the kind of saree you choose is just half the battle it’s also your grace and poise that take your overall appearance to a different level altogether. Lightweight sarees such as georgette, crepe and chiffon sarees will make you look elegant and slimmer as the fabric sits closer to the body. Go for one in a dark shade and preferably with a light border so that it does not make you look bulky or chubby.

If you’re skinny: Thank your genes that you get the option to wear a heavy saree such as silk, brocade, tussar or a rich Kanjivarm, all which help to enhance your slim figure the right way. In fact, if you truly want to go all out and wear something that is heavily embellished, you could do that too! The more the embroidery, designs or larger the print, the more beautiful you will look. Even if, you’d prefer to stick with a tissue or organza saree, which is comparatively lighter in weight, say yes to the right embroidery work and designs.

Wedding season is back again and it is one of the most exciting times of the year. With too many functions to attend to, every girl wants to look her best. However, for the bride it is an extremely important time of her life. Not just she has to look good and presentable, but also make sure that she stands out in the crowd. For a bride in India, there are several options to choose from -a traditional lehenga or a beautiful gown or a dazzling saree. Depending on the wedding traditions you follow and depending on the different functions you have to host, you can choose the dress. However, one option that stands out from the rest and will ensure that you look gorgeous is the saree.