What happens in your brain when you fall in love?

People in love look very strange to normal people. This peculiarity can be easily explained by marvelous chemical reactions that take place in our brain. Our body and mind experience thousands of new emotions which are based on hormone rushes and chemical changes. Today, our NYC Neurologists offer you some physical effects of being in love. Here are three most remarkable of them.

Sweating and fast heart beating

When you see someone, you are in love with, your palms become sweaty, and heart leaps hopefully. It happens because of adrenaline and norepinephrine rush. These two hormones make your heart beats faster and raise blood pressure. These two are also responsible for the unexplained feeling of happiness, elation and pleasant dizziness. A person becomes unable to think about someone else except his or her object of adoration.

Stress resistance

Love can help you to fight bad mood, stresses, and even depressions. The process of kissing liberates endorphins and dopamine into your blood, so all miseries go away, and smile beautifies your face. Kiss your second half as often as it is possible and stay positive day after day.


Now, you can forget about headaches and migraines! Oxytocin is a hormone which reduces painful feelings in your body and prevents stresses. Throw away harmful, chemical consisting pills, let love cure your body.

Now, thanks to our NYC Neurologists you know that all those butterflies, nervousness, and feeling of anxiety are absolutely reasonable! Finding the second half can be long and difficult, but the game is worth the candle.