What Men Really Think About One-Night Standing?

After a one night stand, it’s normal that we get all nervous thinking about what he thinks about us. There are so many social taboos and so many post-modern thinking that knowing what is truly on a man’s mind is hard to know. But as men are mostly basic and respond to some patterns, there are things that men really think about one-night standing, that are very common; if you don’t believe it, read this article and then ask a male friend, you’ll be surprised!

Sex Is The Priority

First of all, when a man is looking for a one-night stand is because they want sex; sex is their number one priority and they will incline for the possibility that offers them sex with the less complication possible. They often look for street girls or busty escorts. That said, there’re men that will want more if sex is good or chemistry is right, but the average is that they will only want sex for a single night.


As happens on both sides, there’re irresponsible men that would do it without protection and wouldn’t care but truth is that most of them are thinking about what they are going to get into. Anyway, wear protection no matter what, it’s better than having a nasty surprise later.

How To Get Away

It might sound a little bit offensive for you but the truth is that as you are on the way to your luscious fun, he may be thinking about how to get away from you in case you end up being a disappointment. Let’s be honest about this and not judge them so hard; you probably told your girlfriend to be ready to call you in case of a douchebag case.


Men have insecurities too, and it’s quite probable that they might be worrying about their performance before, during and after that one night stand. They want to feel like they’re Greek gods of sex or something so they worry about working things right. Actually, they might worry so much they end up messing up, lol, don’t be so hard on him.

The Talks Afterward

As we girls fear that the one night stand we had might get out of his mouth and everybody knows, they also worry about what we will say afterward. Of course, they are more worried about how well they did instead of hiding the fact. Especially if you work or study together, what you say the next day can be very preoccupying for them.